Plivit trahana is 100% handmade and is produced in collaboration with the company Brasko in Bosnia & Herzegovina together with chef Edin Dzemat. Trahana can be compared to sour pasta that looks like small crumbs of dough.

If you have visited Croatia and eaten ice cream there, you have most likely eaten ice cream from Ledo! Ledo Lino Lada ice cream won the best ice cream of the year 2019. In the range, we have both ice cream lollies and "regular" ice cream.

Ribella hummus has quickly become the market leader in the countries around the Balkans. The hummus is made without artificial substances and is gluten-free and vegan. Comes in a variety of unique flavors such as shiitake mushrooms, tomato and basil, spicy with chili, pumpkin seeds.

Plivit's new seafood products are unique and first out on the Scandinavian market. The line consists of most classic Italian seafood dishes such as vongole and frutti di mare. The product contains seafood and sauce (frozen). The only thing you need to add is pasta or rice for a complete meal. MSC and ASC certified.

Epiro's feta cheese has won "Best Feta Cheese" several times. Epirus is one of the largest cheese producers in Greece. 

New high-quality sausages / charcuterie from Majstor in a number of different flavors. Made from traditional recipes and ingredients from northern Croatia.

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